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Sea Kayaking Lake Titicaca

This morning transfer by boat or vehicle to a small village located on the Capachica Peninsula, our sea kayak “put-in” spot. After a kayak briefing on the beach, load up and paddle southeast toward Taquile Island. Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and serves as a natural boarder between Peru and Bolivia. As you navigate toward Taquile, you may catch glimpses of the majestic, snow-covered peaks of Bolivia, across the lake.

Later this morning you will be welcomed by locals on Taquile Island. Taquile’s unique culture, style of dress, and lifestyle make for an unforgettable visit. The men of the community do all the knitting, as this is strictly a male domain, while the women do the spinning. This afternoon explore the island’s trails by foot with your guide. There are no roads on the island and several hills can be climbed to observe ancient ruins. After lunch, travel by speedboat to the floating islands of the Uros people. The Uros began their unusual floating existence centuries ago in an effort to isolate themselves from the Colla and Inca tribes.  Late afternoon return to Puno. (L)