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La Perla Amazon River Cruise

4 or 7 Days | From $1,615


  • Hammock area
  • Air conditioned cabins
  • Interior & exterior lounges

La Perla was designed with comfort in mind–for guests who want to enter the heart of the Amazon jungle, arriving at virgin areas that are not frequently visited. Its small hull allows it to access areas and to visit places that not all the boats can navigate.

La Perla boasts expert naturalist guides with more than 20 years of experience exploring, learning, and guiding in the Amazon Basin. You will be in the best hands to discover the infinity of the Peruvian Amazon.

The outdoor hammock area of La Perla is a unique place where you can relax between excursions and feel the rich Amazonian air in your face. Breathing becomes an inexplicable experience in a space dedicated to relaxation and contemplation— a space where you can let yourself go in the confines of a land that seems to never end, while the movement of the waters cradles you.

  • CAPACITY28 passengers
  • CLASSTourist Superior


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Detailed Itinerary >>
Day 1 - Sunday: Birth of The Amazon- Yanayacu Yacapana IQUITOS/ NAUTA/ AMAZON RIVER
Airport pick-up and boarding. You will be picked up by our team and transfered by bus to our private port in Nauta, where the boarding will take place.
Begin navigating and the explanation of the history of the origin of the Amazon. While La Perla begins its tour of the Marañón River, our naturalist guides will explain the history of the origin of the Amazon River as you gaze at the panoramic view of the river that our deck offers.
First lunch on board. We will enjoy the first dining experience on board First informative talk. Our guides will meet with you where they will explain the particularities of the trip and the places that are going to be visited.
Boat trip to the Yanayacu communal reserve of Yacapana. We will go out in search of wild life by the Yanayacu communal reserve of Yacapana, where we will be able to see the biggest aquatic plants of the world, Victoria Regia, as well as many species of birds, iguanas, sloths and even pink dolphins. At nightfall we will also search for caimans, owls and capybaras.
Welcome dinner and live show. The first dinner on board will be an experience for the palate, combining the freshest food from the Amazon rainforest. After dinner, we will enjoy a concert performed by the boat band and accompany your music with some delicious cocktails.
Reading about the origins of the Amazon. After dinner, our guides will invite you to a reading about the origins of the world’s largest river.
* Our team is prepared to attend any special nutritional needs. Notify your crew about preferences in advance so that we can offer you the best alternative.
Day 2 -Monday: Yanayacu de Yacapana – Yarapa AMAZON RIVER/ YARAPA RIVER/ UCAYALI RIVER/ VISTA ALEGRE
Early wake up with a serenade. We will start the day early to enjoy a unique scene, the dawn over the waters of the Amazon River. After that, we will make a small excursion in which we will observe the birds of the communal reserve of Yanayacu de Capana. Breakfast on board. After the tour, we will return to La Perla to enjoy the most important meal of the day, breakfast, while the cruise continues towards the Ucayali River. Excursion in search of wildlife. We will go on an excursion in which we will explore the Yarapa River, looking for wildlife. Return to La Perla for lunch. We will enjoy a delicious lunch on board and spend some time relaxing on board. Geographical orientation and brief talk about the Amazon. Our naturalist guides will give a brief talk about Amazonian culture and geography. Visit to Vista Alegre Butterfly Farm. We will do a small excursion in which we will discover everything about the Amazonian butterflies; beings that have a surprising relevance in the life of the Amazon. Dinner on board and live music. We will finish the day off with a delicious dinner on board and enjoy a live music concert. Night tour. We will embark on a boat trip in search of alligators, snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, anacondas, nocturnal monkeys and other Amazonian species.
Navigating the black waters of the Yarapa River. We will embark on a trip along the Yarapa River in search of wildlife.
Return on board for breakfast. Enjoy a delicious breakfast on board La Perla.
Walk through the jungle. After breakfast we will hike through the jungle, learning about medicinal plants and looking for beings from the Amazon such as tarantulas, toads, spiders and many specimens. We will take advantage of the excursion to learn about survival in the jungle.
Live music and dinner. Back on board we will be greeted with live music. Then an exquisite dinner will be served which will give you to a time for relaxation and contemplation of the landscape.
Breakfast on board. Enjoy a full breakfast on board.
Check-out and departure to the airport. After breakfast, we will check out and we will travel to Iquitos by bus.
Visit to the Amazon Manatee Rescue Center. We will stop at the Amazon Manatee Rescue Center, where we will see these beautiful animals close-up.
Visit to the city of Iquitos. We will enjoy a brief tour of the city, discovering the highlights of the rubber boom era, such as the Iron House or the Belen Market.
Arrival at the airport and return flight.


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