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Hacienda and Peruvian Paso Horses | Lima, Peru


Venture beyond the city limits of Lima to explore life at an authentic hacienda. This hidden oasis is lush with vibrant flowers and greenery. It’s also home to the famous Peruvian Paso horse.

Meet up with your Andean Discovery guide and driver and transfer 45 minutes to the hacienda, a ranch-style property Spanish conquistadors introduced to the New World hundreds of years ago. Prepare to experience life as it once was in post-colonial Peru, a rich blend of Spanish influence and proud Peruvian heritage. Today, these residential and agricultural compounds dot across much of Central and South America.

Upon arrival, stroll through the gardens and get an up-close look at the prized Peruvian Paso horse. Its four-beat, lateral gait, also known as the paso llano, gives the breed a smooth, even trot. The Peruvian Paso is so well-regarded that it has received the Cultural Heritage of the Nation honor. Next, sit back with a pisco sour as a show featuring the Paso horses unfolds. Watch as the marinera dancer twirls across the field while the horseman, el chalan, follows closely behind mimicking her movements. After indulging in a locally sourced meal set against the farm’s natural backdrop, transfer back to Miraflores.