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Los Túneles Snorkeling Excursion | Isabela Island, Galapagos


Journey to Los Túneles, a seldomly visited piece of Galapagos paradise. Epic snorkeling and encounters with uninhibited wildlife await at these otherworldly lava tunnels. An exhilarating ride on a small craft along the waters of the southern tip of Isabela Island takes you where no cruise ship can go. Encounter Nazca boobies, frigate birds and blue-footed boobies above you, and graceful giant rays in the waters below.

Transition from the outer-coastal Pacific waters to the mystically calm sanctuary that is Los Túneles. Explore a maze of cactus laden black lava arches, and traverse lava bridges on foot. Meet the affable blue-footed boobie up close. (They may even do their mating dance while you watch in awe.) Glance down to the calm, transparent waters and observe giant sea turtles swimming nonchalantly. Follow the lead of the giant turtles as you snorkel the crystal clear lagoon of lava caves and mangroves looking for sleepy white-tipped reef sharks, schools of colorful fish and maybe even a sea horse, hiding in the tangle of mangroves. Later this afternoon arrive at the Puerto Villamil and opt for a sunset stroll on the beach.