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Sacha Lodge

The Lodge

Sacha Lodge is located on a 5000-acre private ecological reserve in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon.  During your stay at Sacha Lodge, immerse yourself in the rainforest without sacrificing comfort.  Furthermore, the lodge was designed to promote sustainability and minimize the impact on the environment so you’ll feel good about protecting the treasures that surround you.

  • Scenic bar & lounge
  • Made from traditional material of the jungle canopy
  • Barbecue & dining area
  • Canopy walk & wooden observation tower


You can stay in a cabin with a high thatched roof, made of traditional materials, where you’ll blend into your surroundings and heighten your chances of wildlife sightings, including visits from toucans, agoutis, monkeys and more.  The cabins include private bathrooms, hot showers, ceiling fans and insect screens.

  • Single or double accomadation
  • Private bathroom
  • Screened & cool rooms
  • Shower
  • Hammock


For a different perspective, visit the main bar and lounge, which boasts panoramic views of Pilchicocha Lake, the private lagoon where the lodge is located.  Here, you can bird watch as you refresh yourself with a freshly made cocktail, cool beverage, or exotic Ecuadorian natural juices.  For an up-close look at the forest’s canopy layer, have a stroll hundreds of feet in the air along the 940-foot long suspended platform walkway.  Here, you can experience what it feels like to live amongst the treetops and socialize with thousands of colorful birds and the occasional family of monkeys.

If you’d rather stay grounded, explore the vast network of trails surrounding the lodge, and visit the butterfly farm (one of the largest in Ecuador!), just a 10-minute walk from the lodge.  Here, you can see over 40 local species and learn about the lodge’s butterfly conservation project.  You can travel back in time as you paddle around the lake in an indigenous canoe or go fishing for piranhas over the dock.  At night, the lake is the best place to look for caymans.  Members of the alligator family, these reptiles are often seen from canoes.