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Active Adventures in South America

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There’s something special about exploring a country on foot. You can encounter remote places that most people miss, immerse all five senses in your surroundings and feel a sense of accomplishment when you reach your goal. Andean Discovery has several trips that allow you to explore Peru, Ecuador and Colombia on foot, providing opportunities to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Whether you want to challenge yourself by conquering mountain peaks or would rather have a pleasant stroll through the rainforest, we offer trips for travelers of varying fitness and ability levels. All provide priceless opportunities to wander, breathe fresh air, enjoy the great outdoors and encounter local wildlife.

With Andean Discovery, you can complete one of South America’s most iconic treks on the Classic Incan Trail to Machu Picchu, and even pair it with a more low-key, land-based exploration of the Galapagos. If you’re an active adventurer wanting to get to know the Galapagos through more ways than just hiking, try a multi-sport tour and ocean kayak the coast, hike around a volcano crater and snorkel with (nice!) sharks. Those wanting to explore Ecuador’s jungle gem can elect for an Amazonian wildlife outing complete with canoe and canopy tours or take it up a level with the Amazon to Andes tour. This option will get your adrenaline pumping with whitewater rafting, an exhilarating zip-line and hiking the Incan path near active volcanoes.

Trekkers interested in the biodiverse Colombia can chose the wildlife tour which encompasses a wide variety of experiences from birding to wandering the Coffee Triangle to being dwarfed by the wax palm. More ambitious hikers who want an epic adventure, traveling through rainforests to a mysterious lost city can consider the 27-mile trek that was off the radar of international travelers until recently.

Whatever your interest, Andean Discovery has a perfect walking adventure waiting for you.

Classic Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu

10 Days | From $2,790 per person
On this classic Inca Trail Trek To Machu Picchu, photographic opportunities abound as it absorbs landscapes as diverse as high deserts to Andean cloud forests. The end reward is the Inca citadel
  • Acclimatize in the Sacred Valley
  • Trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  • Enjoy Andean Discovery Tent Camps
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Machu Picchu & Galapagos Land-Based Adventure

11 Days | From $4,290
South America’s most iconic destinations on one unforgettable trip. Explore ancient civilizations in Peru and relax in oceanfront eco-lodges in the Galapagos.
  • Enjoy land-based excursions in the Galapagos
  • Swim with Sea Lions and snorkel
  • Explore ancient Inca ruins
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Napo Wildlife Center & Quito

7 Days | From $2,390 per person
Set in a private lagoon in Yasuní National Park, Napo Wildlife Center is one of the best sustainable ecotourism projects in South America and an ideal Amazon lodge for any wildlife enthusiast.
  • Observe tropical wildlife in the Amazon
  • View the forest from a canopy tower
  • Watch parrots flock at clay licks
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Galapagos Multisport Adventure Tour

10 Days | From $2,990 per person
Explore the wildlife rich Galapagos Islands from a different perspective as you ocean kayak, hike, snorkel, camp, and investigate beaches in areas unvisited by most tourists.
  • Ocean kayak along the Galapagos coast
  • Hike around an active volcano crater
  • Overnight in our Private Galapagos Camp
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Andes to Amazon Adventure in Ecuador

8 Days | From $1,945 per person
Travel from the Andes to the Amazon jungle in just hours. Hike among powerful waterfalls, raft in the Amazon, visit with locals, and observe one of the highest active volcanoes in the world.
  • Observe one of the highest active volcanoes
  • Explore Amazonian communities
  • Cruise two miles by canopy zip-line
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The Lost City of Colombia Trek

8 Days | From
If your dreams are filled with Indiana Jones fantasies of penetrating thick jungle to stumble upon ancient ruins, turn that vision into reality with a 4-day trek to Cuidad Perdida, The Lost City.
  • Trek to the Lost City
  • Soak in tropical swimming holes
  • Observe Howler Monkeys
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Colombia Wildlife Odyssey

10 Days | From
View and learn about the diversity of Colombia’s landscape, wildlife and birds.
  • Birding in the El Dorado Bird Reserve
  • Explore the Coffee Triangle
  • Walk amongst Wax Palms in the Cocora Valley
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Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

5 Days | From
The Salkantay track will take you through an incredible diversity of terrain. Peer at glacier mountain peaks, pass through mysterious fog, and wander through lush tropical rain forests.
  • Discover Machu Picchu & Cusco
  • Andean Discovery Campsites
  • Trek at your own pace
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