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Peru Amazon River Cruises

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The Amazon River is arguably the largest river in the world rivaled only by the mighty Nile in Africa. The Amazon River’s headwaters in South America originate in Peru, with the Upper Amazon area consisting of a series of major river systems that flow North and South into the Marañón and Ucayali (major Amazon River tributaries) and the Amazon River. At its widest point, the Amazon River is 7 miles wide during the low water season, but during the high water season, when the Amazon floods the surrounding plains, the Amazon River can be up to 28 miles in breadth.

You will start your luxury cruise floating down the Amazon River in Iquitos, a one hour twenty five minute flight from Lima, Peru. Iquitos is so remote that this charming Peruvian city can be reached only by air or water. Once a booming rubber town due to its location on the Amazon River, Iquitos now enjoys a slower pace. You will enjoy touring this lively city, which includes a building designed by Gustav Eiffel, among other highlights. What you see along the Amazon River depends on the length of your stay. The heart of every visit, however, will be Pacaya Samiria Reserve, a protected wildlife area deep within the Amazon rainforest and jungle. The highlight of each day’s journey on your luxury cruise down the Amazon will be experiencing by small ship, the pristine wilderness areas teeming with the Amazon’s wildlife and amazing plant life, such as the colossal Victoria Regia water lilies. You will also encounter—and have the chance to interact with—local people living in villages along the Amazon River, as they have for centuries. When the day’s sightseeing is over, the comforts of your luxurious floating hotel await you.

La Perla Amazon River Cruise

4 or 7 Days | From $1,615
Embark on a trip to the most intimate depths of the Amazon basin aboard the 28-passenger MV La Perla. Discover virgin and unexplored corners and connect directly with the immensity of nature.
  • Hammock area
  • Air conditioned cabins
  • Interior & exterior lounges
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Zafiro Luxury Amazon River Cruise

4, 5, or 8 Days | From $3,265
Discovery the Amazon Rainforest on the 38-passenger Zafiro, where comfort is part of the essence of the experience. Disconnect, relax and discover.
  • Luxury Suites
  • On-board Spa
  • Fitness room
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Aria Luxury Amazon River Cruise

4 Days | From $3,000
Choose from a 4, 5, or 8-day Amazon Expedition Cruise and experience the Amazon's powerful rivers, including the Maranon, Ucayali, and Puinahua as well as several hidden black water lakes.
  • Observation deck
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi & lounge
  • Indoor dining room & lounge
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Delfin III Luxury Amazon River Cruise

4 or 5 Days | From
  • Canopy lounge and sun deck
  • Rainforest spa
  • Indoor dining room
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