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Scuba Diving in Galapagos

Scuba Diving in the Galapagos

One in four species of Galápagos marine animals are endemic to the islands and they are as varied as they are beautiful. Here you can swim with manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins, penguins, hammerheads, whale sharks, and sea lions as well as an array of tropical fish. Many of these creatures have not yet developed a fear of man so you get to enjoy close contact, which is quite different from other dive sites.

Diving in Galapagos is exciting, but not like the fantastical beauty of a tropical coral reef. The thrill of Galápagos diving is to be surrounded by wildlife, a diversity of big animals like no other place. Seldom is it easy diving. The conditions of a typical dive could include surge, current, limited visibility, and cold water which requires a 6.5 mm wetsuit and a heavy weight belt. Often it is a wall dive where the bottom is very deep. Yet there you are, amid crowding animals, and the unexpected…that’s what makes it worth the challenge.

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