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Colombia has turned the page on its turbulent past and is blossoming into the travel destination that everyone’s talking about. It’s safe, and its warm, welcoming culture is attracting travelers like never before.

This South American nation is truly experiencing a cultural renaissance and is riding a wave of transformation while retaining the authenticity of a nation on the brink of discovery. The time to visit is now because Colombia has been popping up on almost every “hip new travel destination” list, including recent mentions by the New York Times and National Geographic. Whether you’re a culture aficionado attracted by Medellin’s modern and sophisticated museums, a nature enthusiast eager to explore the unparalleled biodiversity of the Santa Marta area or a history buff wanting to wander the UNESCO historic port city of Cartagena, Colombia has something for everyone.

Andean Discovery offers multiple opportunities to explore and understand this fascinating nation, conveniently, the closest South American getaway to the United States. Visit authentic agricultural towns and sustainable family run farms in Colombia’s famous Coffee Triangle. Get lost in the cobblestone streets of historic Cartagena then dance the night away, refreshed by Caribbean breezes. You will encounter an incredible assortment of birds and wildlife near the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the world’s highest coastal mountain range, boasting remarkable pockets of microclimates and eco-systems. Marvel at Medellin’s tangible transformation into one of the safest cities in South America that has earned global acclaim as one of the world’s most innovative and artistic modern cities. Colombia’s amazing hospitality, nature and attractions won’t stay a secret for long — plan your visit today!

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Colombia Discovery

11 Days | From
Enjoy this rare opportunity to explore the very best of Colombia, a country on the cusp of a cultural renaissance.
  • Visit the historic neighborhood La Candeleria
  • Ponder the underground “Salt Cathedral”
  • Visit the Coffee Triangle
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Colombia Family Adventure

9 Days | From
Bring your family on the adventure of a lifetime in Colombia. This South American nation has rapidly transformed into a top travel destination that offers beauty, adventure and endless fun.
  • Visit the Coffee Triangle
  • Walk amongst Wax Palms in the Cocora Valley
  • Relax at your secluded ecohab beach bungalow
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Colombia Wildlife Odyssey

10 Days | From
View and learn about the diversity of Colombia’s landscape, wildlife and birds.
  • Birding in the El Dorado Bird Reserve
  • Explore the Coffee Triangle
  • Walk amongst Wax Palms in the Cocora Valley
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The Lost City of Colombia Trek

8 Days | From
If your dreams are filled with Indiana Jones fantasies of penetrating thick jungle to stumble upon ancient ruins, turn that vision into reality with a 4-day trek to Cuidad Perdida, The Lost City.
  • Trek to the Lost City
  • Soak in tropical swimming holes
  • Observe Howler Monkeys
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